October 17, 2021


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A Guide to the Gold Companies in Dubai

There are some prominent gold companies in Dubai. They are World Wide Gold Services (WFS), Gold & Silver Research & Development (GRD), Gold & Trade (GT), and the Dubai Gold Exchange (DGE). These companies have tie-ups with leading refineries, gold mining companies, and other related entities. They are a must-visit for investors. However, investing in gold can be very dangerous.

Gold Companies in Dubai

UAE Gold Companies: UAE Gold is a major gold mining company based in Abu Dhabi. It supplies to all major gold buyers worldwide. Its shares are traded on the Nasdaq and its market capitalization is over a billion dollars. All the gold companies in Dubai are required by law to submit their financial and legal reports to the local customs authorities.

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Gold Products from Abu Dhabi: Gold from Abu Dhabi is mainly used as a swap and forwards instrument gold ira. These days, traders from all over the world buy products in Dubai for reselling to the investors in the city. Since the price of gold is relatively high compared to other countries, this makes it a very high-demand product in Dubai.

Gold Mining in Abu Dhabi: Gold mining in Abu Dhabi is another area where gold companies operate. This region of the world is becoming a major force in the gold trade. The local market is flooded with new companies coming up. It is wise for investors to get price information before placing an order. Gold companies are regulated by the government of Abu Dhabi and all their transactions are done through the ministry of Economic Affairs.

Gold Refineries in Dubai: Another area where there is a lot of gold companies operating is in Dubai. The oil industry of the UAE is also witnessing tremendous growth and investment in gold refineries and plants. Many of these facilities produce crude oil that can be used in several applications. For instance, Dubai’s oil company possesses several refineries including the Dubai Gold Mine, Deir al-Korar, and the Dubai Futureoco facility. This makes the gold trade between Dubai and the outside world very lucrative.

Mining Stocks in Abu Dhabi: All gold mining companies have a mining stock to sell. They purchase gold stocks in the market at the end of the year and then sell them off to traders. The quantity that they sell at the end of the year depends on the demand and supply of the metal at that particular time. As the price of gold is always fluctuating, you can expect some mining stocks every now and then in Abu Dhabi.