December 3, 2021


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A Premier Contractor That Provides Full-Service Commercial Roofing

Tecta America, also known as Technica, is an internationally recognized national leader in residential roofing Roof cleaning North Brisbane. Fort Wayne Roofing, Incorporated is a 29-year-old company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Commercial Roofing

It offers full-service residential roof installation and repair, including residential roof design, fabrication, and manufacturing in a wide area that spans from Fort Wayne in the north to South Bend in the south. They also have branches in Chicago and New York City.

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Tecta America Inc. was founded by leaders in the residential roofing industry who understood the importance of a quality roof in residential as well as commercial construction Tri-State Exteriors roofing company. They wanted to provide their clients with the best product while providing them with the best value for their money.

Their mission was to build upon their existing clientele and become a household name in the contracting field. To reach this goal, they hired skilled contractors who would design with care, produce superior workmanship, and make every client’s project a high-quality one. The result was a long list of satisfied customers, a mountain of awards, and several industry associateships.

This innovative and experienced business started out with a small, thirty-one-foot building and was quickly overwhelmed with the growing need for their products in commercial Roofing Inc. The entire company operates out of two locations: One in Fort Wayne, and another in Columbus, Indiana. They have over nine hundred employees.

At any given time, they have at least one full-time floor supervisor, four plumbers, and two electricians. With several thousand installations completed each year, this means that every building that uses its products is guaranteed to be done to the highest standards possible.

Roofing Fort Wayne is a part of the larger Commercial Roofing Inc. network, which also includes Commercial Roofing Indiana and Commercial Roofing Seattle. The company’s main facility is located in Fort Wayne. However, they also have numerous warehouses, sales offices, and manufacturing facilities in Chicago, Ohio, and Kansas City, Missouri. They are constantly searching for skilled contractors to add to their growing clientele.

Commercial Roofing Inc. is constantly striving to provide its clients with the best in cutting-edge technology and consistent high-quality construction and labor. They take great pride in their ability to produce and install a wide variety of different types of commercial roofs. This includes flat, industrial, residential, and more. So no matter what your specific needs or wants are, you will definitely find exactly what you’re looking for at Commercial Roofing Inc.

The company currently has no set exit strategy. It is important to note that the exit plan was negotiated by the sole shareholder, which is important to Fort Wayne Roofing Inc shareholders.

The sole shareholder is responsible for all financial decisions made by the business and, as such, it is imperative that they be given adequate notice before making any major changes to the business’s structure. It should also be noted that no single person owns the business, which is another important consideration.