October 17, 2021


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Air Conditioning Jokes

Some of us are just too friendly, and we like to tell air conditioning jokes to anyone who will listen. The ones we say tend to get a lot of laughs and make people smile, even if they don’t understand the humor. Air conditioning jokes aren’t just for those who suffer from air conditioning.

Air Conditioning

They are also great for anyone who is a little shy or a little embarrassed to ask someone about the temperature in their car. They are a way to make the person you are teasing laugh at you, which may feel good to do but can be embarrassing if the other person isn’t familiar with your little technique.

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My favorite air conditioning joke is one about two guys in a hot tub. One guy said to the other in the hot tub, “I need to come to talk to you about the poor air conditioning bill.” The other guy told him,” doorway is always open HVAC Columbia SC. Have a seat, I’ll have something cold to drink while I wait for my water to get cool.” The poor guy didn’t know that there were air conditioners in his hot tub, so when he got out he tried to shut the door but couldn’t close it all the way.

He dialed the number on the air conditioner and was surprised to find a voice mail message on the answering machine. He asked the voice mail operator, “How could you leave a message like that?” The operator said, “There are no air conditioners currently in your home.” The guy thought, “Great, now I’m stuck in the hot tub without my air conditioner!”

This story is comical, and it’s a great example of how a good joke can lighten the tense moments of a long, cold walk home, or of waiting for the air conditioner to be repaired after being trapped inside for several hours. Keep this in mind the next time you’re waiting for the water to get cool either because it’s extremely hot or because it’s very cold outside!