August 3, 2021


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All About Content Moderator Job

The content moderator is responsible for the supervision of all the articles in the internet community. They decide whether to keep or Remove it from the Internet. This kind of content management is done by the forum members themselves. This form of content management is called reactive management.

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There are three basic categories in which the content moderators fall, these are, specific, umbrella, and collaborative content moderation outsourcing. In the specific classification, there are a lot of jobs. The first one is the verification of the contents, the next is the correction and the third is the review.

Employing Content Moderators

In the umbrella category there are different tasks like the deletion of duplicate material, removing the controversial topics, approving changes to content, social media content management etc. In the other category we have tasks like providing feedback on the work of the content moderators, monitoring the work of the content moderators, and help desk activities such as the troubleshooting etc.

Final Words

The content moderator job involves a lot of tensions. The main thing that has to be done for content management is to approve or disapprove of any article. This requires a lot of communication between the website owners and the moderators. It is therefore necessary that the website owners should select the persons having good communication skills and with lots of experience. You should always try to hire some experienced people, because they can handle the tensions efficiently.