April 21, 2021


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Bathroom Design Ideas for Perth Australia

Homeowners throughout Western Australia are enjoying the benefits of having a designer bathroom in Perth. Why are these people choosing to remodel their bathroom? There are many reasons. One is the need for space. Other than a bathtub, a homeowner needs an attached shower enclosure, vanity area, and maybe even an entertainment center for watching television.

Bathroom Design Ideas

If your home is big enough, it is possible to create a luxurious master bath. This is done by installing a jetted tub that has multiple jets and heated floors. The heated tiles are then strategically placed around the bathtub. A luxurious bath will include a steam cabinet for steam sessions, a whirlpool, and more. With the variety of jetted options, homeowners can design the perfect spa experience for their home.

Bathroom, Faucet, Bath, Bathroom

Western Australia is known for its rainforest and wooded areas. Using this as a designing theme, a homeowner can design their bathroom to be more rainforest themed small bathroom renovations perth. Walls, floors, and fixtures can be timber based. This includes vanity tops, countertops, flooring, shower surrounds, lighting, and more. With the use of natural materials, there is no fear of being allergic to any plants or trees in the home.

If a homeowner is not of the nature to use hardwood, they can still use stone to design their bathroom. Bathtubs, basins, and mirrors can be made from stone. The floors can be heated or non-heated. In addition to using natural materials, the homeowner can design their bathroom to include modern touches such as chrome fittings, mirrors, and faucets.

The bathroom is often the first room, kids enter the home. This is why it is important to have a bathroom design that is appealing and durable. One way to make your bathroom design unique is to incorporate the family’s favorite colors. Alternatively, they can incorporate the family’s logo. For example, if the family loves the beach, their bathroom design can feature a sandy colored theme. On the other hand, if the family loves the dark green of the woods, their bathroom design can include this as well.

When considering your bathroom design, do not forget the floor. It is essential to have a waterproof floor. No matter where the bathroom is located, water damage is always a possibility. A good flooring material for your bathroom is ceramic tile or vinyl.

As with many other rooms in the home, the bathroom should be decorated with bright and vibrant colors. However, you should avoid heavy, dark colors or wallpaper. The walls can be painted in pastel colors such as yellows, ochres, and blues. Painting the walls is only the first step. You must also consider adding accessories to brighten up your bathroom design.

Adding small knick-knacks such as toothbrush holders, small bottles of bubbles, and toothpaste trays are perfect items to add. Other great items to include in your bathroom are towel holders, bottle stoppers, and towel rings. These accessories can easily be found at any home decorating store.