April 21, 2021


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Deck Sanding and Refinishing

The City of Geelong is well known for its gorgeous beaches and beautiful weather. This natural beauty has led to the growth of many local deck building companies in recent years. As a result, Geelong now has numerous decking retailers and suppliers. One Geelong decking company that has exploded in recent years is Deck Sanding and Refacing.

Deck Sanding

Deck Sanding and Refacing began in 2021 as a small business based in Geelong. It soon grew to employ over 100 people and spread into several other cities in Victoria including Melbourne and Hobart Deck Restoration Geelong. The company quickly became renowned for its excellent deck sanding product and quickly gained a reputation as Australia’s leading deck sanding and refinishing company. Today, the company continues to expand with over 30 employees. They also have several warehouses and sanding plants throughout the country.

The Company uses a large variety of products for their deck and pool refinishing service. Although they do not use any additives or chemicals when sanding and finishing, they also refinished wood decks using organic products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They also provide a free sealant for newly constructed decks. There are several finishes available from which customers can choose. Customers can also choose from a wide selection of woods for their deck finishing.

The company also provides a free online sanding and finishing service to clients. They have well-trained staff that can help with each step of the process. For customers who may be unsure of how to do the job themselves, the company can provide simple videos that show how to perform the basic tasks involved.

The decking can be restored to its pre-accident condition by the use of an epoxy coating. This coating will prevent future stains and will also prevent weathering. They can also seal the surface of the deck to make it more resistant to weathering. It is important to note that the coating does not need to be put on immediately after the deck has been finished. A thin coat can be applied and left to dry overnight.

Refinishing a wooden deck is easy when using the services of Geelong deck sanding professionals. They can refinish a deck quickly and easily and the results will be durable as well as beautiful. They will also ensure that the sanding and finishing process is done correctly and efficiently. The result will be a deck that will look new and also is long-lasting.