October 17, 2021


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Disadvantages of the Dog Food Court

The first mention of Dogs Food Court would probably have been in the novel A Good Dog Story by Armand Moritz. It’s a reference to the dog food processing company located in Manila which is run by the same couple who founded the Moritz Company (the makers of A&P Supermarket, Burger King, etc.) The business is now owned and run by a few Filipinos.

Dog Food Court

The reason why this novel is so popular is because of its portrayal of a Manila life – or more specifically, the people and their daily experiences with dogs. One of the characters, Manager Que, talks about how much food the dogs need. His reasoning: if the dogs eat so much food, they’ll have no energy left to play and exercise. Needless to say, his logic is flawed, and the company is eventually razed to the ground.

Hot Dog, Banana, Salad, Unexpected

The storyline is a typical Filipino one. People are poor and people are animals (dogs being no exception) my favourite dog shampoos. The company at the Dogs Food Court was a front for other operations and the dogs were treated better there than in their kennels. The death of the company dogs food court is perhaps the ultimate example of how the poor can be killed so that others can enjoy the wealth they have.

A similar incident happened to a local government office in Manila wherein over twenty dogs were killed in custody. However, when news spread, the outrage was such that the authorities were forced to close the facility and reopen it under a guard watch.

The dogs were then released to the dog’s food court, where they once again began eating and playing. Naturally, this caused an outbreak of diarrhea in the dogs, and the authorities had to send antibiotics and other necessary medications. The resulting dead bodies and feces were then incinerated.

Other events have also proven that dogs should not be eaten or given to dogs as food. In one case, authorities found dogs who died from lack of food because their kennels did not have enough food to feed them. The dogs died of thirst and hunger and none of those who found them had the heart to help them.

As long as humans continue to ignore dogs’ needs and rights, these unfortunate situations will continue to happen. We owe it to our dogs to stop the abuses and mistreatment of the dog’s food court. The best way to do that is to make sure that our dogs know we value their rights and will act accordingly whenever they are mistreated. Every single dog should have a right to live a healthy, happy, and safe life and that right should never be taken away from them.