June 13, 2021


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Imitation Slate Roofing on Crucial Home Improvement

Imitation slate is a less expensive choice for replacement of a distinctive slate roof. It resembles real slate and can be acceptable in most every town for use in historic districts Roof painting Northern Suburbs Melbourne. The benefits of utilizing manufactured slate are numerous. 1 great reason to use is because it weighs less than actual slate, which can be a benefit for previously non-maintained older homes using questionable roof structures.

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Possibly the biggest reason why the fake slate is selected is because of the cost factors involved. It’s approximately 4 times the price of architectural asphalt shingles, but is less than actual slate, both in material cost and labor for installation.

Imitation Slate Roofing

There are essentially two companies that produce imitation slate. It is a personal choice about which brand to chose as both have very good warranties when installed by a certified installer, in addition to very similar characteristics.

Both brands come in a variety of options such as colour, width and style. If your home is a Victorian Style then perhaps the beveled, beaver tail or chiseled stage from Eco-Star will your best choice. There are numerous older Victorian homes that have different patterns of colour and fashion. These layouts are numerous and very unique, they also will require intense ability in both the design and installation.

Since a general contractor specializing in historical restoration, I recently asked my principal slate repair guy to check out a barn roof that has actual slate on the front and imitation slate on the back. To save time the normal way to scrutinize an existing slate roof is using binoculars, taking a look at the roof from the ground. This system minimizes more broken slate by walking around the roof during the review. I’d forgotten to tell him about the fake slate on the trunk and received a call from him expressing amazement in the excellent shape of the slate on the back of the barn, compared to the several repairs that were needed in front.

Final Words

As an old-timer in the background trade, he was shocked and slightly embarrassed when he had been advised that he’d mistaken imitation slate for the actual thing. Yes, the look alike slate was on the roof for over 8 years and had developed the normal weathered look that real slate always has, therefore he couldn’t be faulted.