December 3, 2021


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Leather Cleaning and Care – 3 Practical Tips

With a change in the year come various lifestyle transformations, including those made to our own wardrobe leather man bags. For chilly weather, especially, reliance on additional protective yet stylish clothing and apparel options typically guide glamour-conscious individuals to slinky and fashionable leather wear options.

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However, though leather shoes, pants, and even unmentionables may be among the most coveted wardrobe items for many fashion lovers, in regards to after-care as regards cleaning leather goods, we all want our mommies.

However, with just a little effort, tips from cleaning experts, and the basic tools, looking after your favorite pair of designer leather knee-highs, biker coat, or those wicked hot pants could be a cinch.

Here’s a hint:

  1. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth followed by a wipe and shine routine using a moisturizing saddle soap and buffing with a micro-fiber rag instead of rinsing the resultant lather off is as simple as it gets.
  2. For removing stains from the leather wear, simply wet a cotton bud with alcohol and rub on the affected area.
  3. For supple, wearable and durable leather goods, try an inexpensive home remedy for moisturizing the surface: combine 1 part of white vinegar to two parts of linseed oil in a little jar and tighten the lid prior to giving it a fantastic shake.
  4. After that, apply it lightly over the exterior of the leather product and rub in with a soft fabric piece. Let this moisturizing mix to sit overnight (12 hours) and buff using a fresh soft fabric for a brand new look to your weathered leather wear.