December 3, 2021


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Medicare Insurance – Florida Medicare Supplement Plan

Florida Medicare insurance refers to a private medical insurance program run by the federal government for people above the age of 65. The state Medicare program covers senior citizens with disabilities and those who are not insurable because of their health condition, such as children or the disabled. Medicare does not cover all medical procedures and services provided by hospitals and doctors’ offices Medigap plans in Florida. This means that you may have to buy supplemental insurance to pay for certain procedures and medical services you may need.

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Medicare Insurance

In addition to purchasing a Medicare Supplement insurance policy, you must also enroll in a Medicare Part A and B plan. If you choose not to, you can face a late-enrollment penalty. This is because the federal government requires anyone who receives a Medicare supplement to also sign up for Part A or B. The late-enrollment penalty is also in place for those who become ineligible for Medicare early, and for people who go without medical insurance for six months or more.

You can avoid the late-enrollment penalty by signing up for Medicare early. If you become eligible for Medicare before the initiation of the Medicare Parts A and B coverage period, and before the start of your first monthly payment, you will not have to pay any Medicare part b premium.

Final Words

Your next payment will come in the month after you turn 65 years old. Although you may be subject to a late-payment penalty, the lower monthly payments and higher commission payments that come with Medicare make it well worth the time and effort involved in enrolling early.