June 13, 2021


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PaccarESA (Spanish For “Pilot Airplane Flash”)

PaccarESA (Spanish for “Pilot Airplane Flash”) is a freeware program that enables you to view the cockpit of your aircraft and perform many functions in real-time. It also provides various options for controlling your aircraft, as well as arming/disarming it, changing radio channels, setting your altitude, and much more.


PaccarESA is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems, using the standard Microsoft Windows Server platform paccar electronic service analyst. The software is simple to use, with step-by-step guides that walk users through every step of using the program.

Warrior, Fighter, Ninja, Baddie

PaccarESA is easy to fly and provides excellent control of your aircraft. Users can add their personal photographs and logos to customize cockpit displays or use pre-installed ones to design displays for their personal enjoyment.

With a large variety of pre-installed images and graphics available, users are sure to find a model that perfectly matches their flying needs and preferences. If you like, the software is compatible with most digital imaging software, including Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

There are a number of features provided by this software to make flying your aircraft more interesting and exciting. By using interactive touch screens, you can interact with the PaccarESA software interface, which makes it easy to use and highly customizable.

Various flying modes, such as “tank,” “gunship,” “airborne” and “land” allow you to practice your skills and increase your familiarity with controlling your airplane. When you want to take your flying skills to the next level, PaccarESA provides a host of additional training modules, including advanced graphics and game features.