December 3, 2021


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SEO Analyst Salary

SEO Analyst salary in India is just the shortened abbreviation for the word Search Engine Analysts in India. What exactly is all this, you ask? Search engine optimization of search engines is basically a generic term that includes all the methods implemented to get traffic into a site, mainly via search engines.

SEO Analyst

Various search engine optimization strategies are in fact specifically designed to drive natural traffic to a site via organic means, through keyword marketing, content marketing, off-page SEO, etc.

Website, Web App Design, Mobile Phone

India has emerged as one of the major hub for web development and application of various search engine techniques, thanks to its tech-savvy population. As compared to global counterparts, India has not only seen a surge in the number of people learning computer skills but also has a thriving market for digital marketing.

As a result, India has been gaining a competitive advantage in the field of digital marketing services SEO agency Norway. On-page optimization, search engine optimization, and digital marketing make a very attractive package in India. As a result of such advantages, India has been getting more business through such services and is thus seeing an SEO analyst salary in India rising gradually.

The increasing demand for SEO analyst in India is attributed to several factors. For starters, SEO has become an integral part of any website’s plan, whether it’s for a small scale business or a multinational conglomerate. Needless to say, competition is rampart in India due to these two reasons. As a result of this increased demand, competition too is increasing every year, leading to hefty salaries packages for SEO analysts.

Other factors like an increasing number of IT-based organization’s increase in demand for digital marketing services and the introduction of several new Search Engine Optimization methods have also led to a hike in salaries. Hence, when compared to its global counterparts, India fares better in terms of salaries.

Compared to what the average salaries are in various countries, SEO analyst job market in India has remained comparatively less and SEO analyst salaries have actually been on the lower end of the scale. The reason for this is that salaries are generally based on the skills and experience of the candidate.

There are many highly skilled SEO professionals who earn decent salaries in countries like the US and UK, but the pay doesn’t reflect the same when compared with what an SEO analyst in India gets paid.

If we take a broader look at SEO analyst salary scale, we find that there are some certain factors that contribute to this figure. First of all, there is the SEO analyst per year factor, where there is an average salary offered for all the SEO analyst job offered in India. The actual salaries vary depending on a number of factors, like location, level of experience and the method of service rendered.

Apart from this, the type of SEO outsourcing done by the company also affects the salary of an analyst in India. While there are some big names in the industry, there are many SME players who are offering their services online, thus the SEO analyst salary offered in India depends on the service provider’s knowledge about the country, its market, and the industry.

When we also look at the total number of people who are employed in this field in India, we come to know that there are more than thirty million people who are employed in this sector in India today. With such a large number of people in this field, the competition for SEO work in India is tough.

This is one of the main reasons why salaries here remain low, despite the fact that salaries are competitive and higher in developed countries. This is because while companies in developed countries offer better salaries, most of the SEO analysts from India opt for offshore outsourcing. Moreover, the quality of the manpower offered in the country remains very good, thereby ensuring that SEO analyst salaries remain competitive.