January 16, 2022


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The Concrete Company Near Me Gave Me A New Back Yard

Finding a good concrete contractor in my area was not an easy task. I lived in SC and there are only so many companies that will deal with the type of projects that I required concreting. Being the owner of a landscaping company I was always open to new ideas and terrain modifications, as well as the elimination of oil stains on my newly striped driveway. Since leaving the large asphalt parking lot on my driveway I have had to deal with quite a bit of moss growth, which has ruined the newly striped driveway.

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So, when I started searching for a company to take care of my new driveway I wanted a contractor that could handle both the paving and the edging. The first company that I went to I quickly saw that it was an engineering firm that also handled interlock stone work. I was impressed with the way that they marketed themselves to me and their pricing of the project.

Their credentials were impeccable and they offered some of the best prices I have seen with any of the landscaping companies that I have worked with. However, their approach was somewhat lacking in the area of product knowledge and customer service.

Concrete Company Near Me

After we spoke and explored some of their ideas and services, I decided to move on and look for another concrete contractor near me that could handle both my paving and the edging. I still remembered the man that initially made contact with me. I called him and he informed me that they specialized in concrete services and that they could do a great job on the job. He was very enthusiastic and sounded quite proud of his new company. I asked if they had a portfolio that I could look at to get a general idea of what styles of concrete services they handled.

When I asked him if there was a portfolio available for me to examine, he informed me that they did not have one. I explained to him that I work in the landscaping industry and needed a portfolio that showed work that they had done in the past. He told me that they did not provide personal work to clients but instead provided all concrete services. I should have looked more into this concrete company before we decided to work together.

I had also spoken to a few other concrete contractors near my area that are not nearly as reputable as the one I found through a simple Internet search. They all seemed to have very good ideas but not much experience in some of the services they offered. While looking for concrete services in Scottsdale, Arizona I came across a landscape design firm that wanted my help to create a concrete driveway that would fit the front of my house. My concern at this point was to ensure that the landscaper I was working with was experienced and well educated in concrete services.

I went online to search for more information about this concrete company and the concrete contractor near me. Once I had discovered a few other good and experienced concrete services near me, I decided that I would contact them all to see which concrete contractor offered the best price and type of concrete services.

Final Words

This is when I learned that the landscape design company I originally spoke to was not the only one offering concrete services near me. After finding several well-educated and experienced contractors near me, I was able to get the concrete job I needed and make my new yard look exactly how I imagined it would.