October 17, 2021


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Towing Considerations for First-Time Tow Vehicle Owners

Towing a trailer or an RV is not like driving a standard automobile where the distance covered in one drive is equal to the distance covered in the drive between stopovers. The weight of the trailer and the load it carries is just too much for any tow vehicle to pull easily.

Tow Vehicle Owners

There are some towing vehicles that can tow a trailer that is up to three times its own weight, but then again, that also means that there is a very high level of care that must be used while operating this kind of heavy vehicle.

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For a first-time operator, it is advisable to choose tow vehicles that have a small engine to allow for easy maneuverability and for low speeds towing in the Australian Capital Territory. A person who wants to operate a small vehicle that has a powerful engine to tow trailers at high speeds should ask about rental programs from agencies that specialize in hauling RVs.

Before deciding to rent from such an agency, it is important to check the towing capacity and engine of the RV that will be to be towed, to find out if one is capable of meeting the required weight.

Not all trailers to tow are in need of towing. Some trailers to tow can do so without the need for additional tow trucks. Some towable RVs, such as fifth-wheel travel Trailers, come with their own rear entry ramp and have enough clearance to transport a smaller trailer, or a lighter trailer, without needing extra support from tow vehicles.

These types of fifth-wheel travel Trailers can easily be moved in any parking situation, making them highly versatile.