September 18, 2021


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Web Placements Ltd – An Expert Service Provider

“Web Placements Ltd is a specialist Internet Marketing agency and Official UK Google Partner offering the most cutting edge products and services for its global customers and companies across the UK and Overseas.” Boasting a large international client base and offering dedicated Google Placement Managers to boost their Google visibility in specific territories WEB PLACEMENTS. Web Placements Ltd was founded in 2021 by Nick Cordell and was initially known as Web Marketing Ltd. The business name was changed to reflect the focus on the growing role of online marketing in the ever-growing internet marketplace.

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Expert Service Provider

Web Placements Ltd has grown rapidly from its humble start. It now provides a wide range of placements including pay per click, search engine advertising, corporate naming, product placement, banner advertising, magazine advertising, website advertising and multimedia placements.

In essence they work with all the important mediums that help businesses promote themselves and increase their exposure, whilst making more money. They have experts that are experienced in all areas of this growing market and employ a wide range of techniques to create the maximum impact for your brand, website or product. They have developed a solid reputation as one of the UK’s leading placement agencies.

With Web Placements Ltd you can be sure that the placements you get will be high quality, original and unique to your brand, product or service. If you choose Web Placements Ltd as your Placement Service provider, you’ll be guaranteed to get top quality placements with some of the top UK websites such as:

Final Words

The Times, Vogue, People, Corbis, AOL and more. Best of all there are no limits to how many times your advert can appear on a web page, which means that your visibility and presence can be enhanced over again. This is a great way to expand your business and reach new potential customers. Placing your advert on the web will guarantee that you get loads of free advertising and it’s totally organic, so you’ll never be asked to pay for advertising, your only cost will be the time and effort it takes to place your advert on a web page.